How to Keep your DSLR Camera Lens Clean?

Digital SLR camera is a dream for every professional and amateur photography lover, isn't it? It has to be as it is one of the best source for you to take enchanting pictures. However, DSLR camera is accompanied by the lenses. The lenses are core performer of this gadget. It is just like the windshield of the car. If the windshield is not clear and clean you cannot have a better view of the image outside. Similarly, the Digital SLR camera lens UK has to be kept neat and clean in order to perform well and give you outstanding image quality.

You cannot even imagine a clear, composed and attractive image from your digital camera if the lens of your camera is dented, smudged or dust and scratches are there. Lenses are an expensive component as well. Hence taking care of them is an essential part of your daily routine.
Cleaning a camera lens needs some special care so that it can remain scratch-free, dust and other harm to the camera lens. Therefore, in this article, I will give you some basic tips and ways that will help you and guide you how to keep your Digital SLR camera lens in perfect condition and save it from the harmful invaders.

Keep your lens away from the dust

If you have to shoot in the dusty environment. It is always imperative to first remove the dust from the lens using a soft brush. Under these circumstances wiping the lens with dust still covering your lens could be harmful as it could lead to scratches. The tiny dust particles resist with the glass on the lens which difficult to observe by the naked eyes and leave a scratchy mark on the lens which you observe later on and when it starts giving a little blur or bad quality images.

Tips to Clean DSLR Lens

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is probably the best tool for cleaning camera lens. It is so because microfiber cloth are lens friendly and its soft tissue does harm the lens. Moreover, this soft cloth does add too much cost to your pocket and can be purchased in $10. It is particularly made to clean the glass of the camera lens. Thus it works very well in eliminating smudges, dust, etc. It can also efficiently clean other parts of the DSLR camera UK as well.

Plain  Water can also do a bit

Plain water can also help you for this cause. You can combine them with the soft tissue paper to clean the surface of the lens. It is essential to avoid the usage of rough cloth such as you try to wipe it with some types of t-shirt or a rough paper towel to the clean the lens.

Cleaning with the fluid

Lens cleaning fluid is another ingredient that is very useful to clean the lens. If you cannot find and clean the lens properly with the brush and a microfiber cloth, you can always try and lens cleaning fluid. It can easily procured from a camera store or online as well. A few drops of fluid on the cloth will be enough to clean the surface. Try to avoid extended quantity as it can damage the lens.